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Dickensian - (S01E11)


After Arthur almost gives the game away, Compeyson is trying to win over Amelia - this time to let him into her business decisions. However, she proves resistant. Her father left her this brewery and that shows he trusts her.After visiting her father in the debtors' prison, Honoria reluctantly agrees to meet with Sir Leicester to discuss their courtship. She would do anything to save her father, but could this be the end of her relationship with Captain Hawdon?Meanwhile, Inspector Bucket discovers that Jacob Marley owned a warehouse by the docks. Bucket goes to watch outside the grim looking place and his patience pays off when he sees Fagin arriving at the building.Elsewhere, The Bumbles hear some exciting work news, while Silas Wegg notices that Mrs. Gamp has been helping herself to his gin.

Episode Title: Dickensian
Airs: 2016-01-21 at 20:00

  • period drama

  • victorian england

  • based on novel

  • melodrama

  • name in title

  • one word title

  • victorian era

  • england

  • london england

  • 1840s

  • mash up

  • murder

  • costume drama

  • period piece

  • 19th century

  • charles dickens