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Hunted 2015 - (S02E04)

Reality . Reality-TV

Channel 4's hit series continues as 10 British citizens turn fugitive and go on the run in a nationwide game of cat and mouse. This year, the stakes are high with ú100,000 up for grabs for those that remain at large and evade capture for 28 days. Five fugitives down; five still on the run for the 100k reward. Now the investigation takes an intensively psychological turn, as the hunters search for chinks in the fugitives' armour. Mind games begin and paranoia sets in, as the Yorkshire girls Anna and Elizabeth become increasingly spooked, and Ayo and Madu part company. Believing Nick's close-knit family could be key to his downfall, the hunters place his wife under close scrutiny; the hunters can't believe their luck when an intercepted message reveals a potential meet up. Will Nick finally get caught?

Episode Title: Episode 4
Airs: 2016-10-13 at 21:00