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For the 18 remaining recruits, Ultimate Hell Week is about to enter an even tougher circle of challenge and torment. Lieutenant Dante Membrere is a serving officer in NAVSOG, the elite special forces of the Philippines. The unit is one of the most feared fighting forces in the Far East. Fresh from tormenting real recruits in the Philippines, he will be looking to find the weak link in the group, or virus as he calls it. Dante will push the recruits through 48 punishing hours where they must prove they can cut it as a NAVSOG recruit, from carrying 180kg logs as they race to save a casualty, to NAVSOG's version of the Ironman. Those who can navigate their way out of the mountains will face Dante's sickener, an endurance test that will push every one of them past their limits.

Episode Title: Episode 3
Airs: 2015-09-13 at 09:00 PM