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Jane Eyre - (S01E04)

Drama . Romance

A clergyman and his two sisters take a heartbroken Jane under their wing after finding her alone and starving on the moors. The governess embarks on a new life as a parish teacher, but thinks she hears Rochester call out her name and feels compelled to return to Thornfield - where the secrets of the North Tower are finally revealed.

Episode Title: Episode 4
Airs: 2006-10-15 at 09:00 pm
  • Hal Boedeker

    Even if you know Jane Eyre, you don't know her like this.

    Orlando Sentinel Full Review
  • Barry Garron

    Scene after scene transports viewers across time and space to a place made vivid and real. By doing all this, the robust, two-part, four-hour "Masterpiece Theatre" program raises the bar for future "Jane Eyre" productions to a level that will not be easily hurdled.

    The Hollywood Reporter Full Review
  • Dennis Moore

    Love, betrayal, despair, redemption, reconciliation. All of the elements expected of any epic love story are included. The distinction here: The story is splendidly retold.

    USA Today Full Review
  • Nancy DeWolf Smith

    It's far more beautiful than its predecessors.

    Wall Street Journal Full Review
  • Jim Heinrich

    The casting is close to perfect.... This production of "Jane Eyre" holds its own against any other.

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Full Review
  • Matthew Gilbert

    Ever respectful of its source, the miniseries doesn't add on sexuality so much as it seeks and finds character depth and dimensionality.

    Boston Globe Full Review
  • Alessandra Stanley

    The casting of the leads is a bit disappointing.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • Robert Lloyd

    A more than usually steamy "Jane Eyre," it seems to have been made especially to appeal to viewers whose week peaks with "Grey's Anatomy." ... And yet, despite these passages, the production overall comes off as a little dry and dutiful.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review

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