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H2O Just Add Water - (S03E05)


Zane?s management style is steering the cafe into debt and Rikki?s not impressed by his latest plans for a complementary dirt bike hire business. He concocts a dirt bike race, knowing he?s the best bike racer in town, to raise some urgent funds for the cafe. Bella helps Will enter and Zane?s surety of winning is threatened. Making amends for his disinterest in the water attacks, Lewis accompanies Cleo to return to Mako Island to investigate the new cascade in the Moon Pool. When Bella discovers that Nate and Zane plan to rig the race, Rikki decides to teach them a lesson. Bella uses her mermaid power to ensure their plan falls flat. Rikki makes her own event to help get the cafe out of debt, while Cleo and Lewis make a surprising discovery when they mix the waters from the pool and cascade in the Moon Pool.

Episode Title: Big Ideas
Airs: 2009-10-30 at 05:00 pm