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Watts World - (S01E07)


Nick Watt dislikes the French, but he still travels to France to answer an age old question: "Are the French really that rude?" France is home to beautiful people, beautiful countryside, great food, great wine, and a proud history of culture and art. Maybe it's this sophistication that makes them arrogant. Yet, for some reason the French have a reputation for having a bad attitude abroad. After landing in Paris, Nick is surprised to discover that none of the locals are acting rude or arrogant, save a cab driver or two. He visits St. Petersburg, a "hip" neighborhood on the outskirts of Paris, and joins a few young guys for a game of pétanque, a beloved French lawn game similar to bocce or lawn bowling.

Episode Title: France: Are the French Really that Rude?
Airs: 2015-7-21 at 10:00 pm