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The Saboteurs - (S01E04)

War . History . Drama . Documentary

A six part dramatization of one of the most exciting stories from the Second World War - the Nazis' efforts to develop an atom bomb and the Allies' desperate struggle to prevent it from happening. The series starts in Stockholm in 1933 when German scientist Werner Heisenberg is awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics and is congratulated by his mentor Niels Bohr – a previous Nobel Prize winner. One of the dramatic high points is the daring sabotage mission to blow up the heavy water factory in the Norwegian mountains in 1943. Leading English, Norwegian and German actors portray real life characters and we get to understand their dilemmas and challenges in this epic story, the outcome of which will determine the future of democracy.

Episode Title: episode 4
Airs: 2015-07-10 at 09:00 pm

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