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Crusade - (S01E08)

Drama . Sci-Fi & Fantasy . Action . Sci-Fi

Two ""visitors"" from EarthGov have come aboard the Excalibur to make certain the right ""impact"" is made on the panicked people of Earth. But their suggestions are little more than new colors for the wardroom and new uniforms, and Capt. Matthew Gideon is -- to put it mildly -- unsympathetic.But Gideon is quick to do all he can to determine the race and culture which have created the ship that now lies derelict in Excalibur's path. Lt. John Matheson directs the EVA team exploring the wreck, and is shocked to discover the self-destruction of the crew. Dr. Sarah Chambers leads the medical team which tries -- in vain -- to save the one surviving member of the crew.But there is more to that crew's ""impact"" on the folk of the Excalibur. As Dr. Max Eilerson bemoans the lack of a spoken Rosetta Stone, there is another person who does understand their conversations...

Episode Title: Appearances and Other Deceits
Airs: 1999-07-28 at 10:00 pm

  • space

  • plague

  • dragon

  • quest

  • spacecraft

  • futuristic

  • alien technology

  • telepathy

  • 23rd century

  • post apocalypse

  • space opera

  • alien

  • sequel