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Crusade - (S01E05)

Drama . Sci-Fi & Fantasy . Action . Sci-Fi

Minutes before reaching the Excalibur's destination, Capt. Gideon was sent by Col. Thompson from Earthforce to find a group of infected colonists at Theta 49. Gideon had argued that there was no need to move the infected people from an uninhabited world, but Thompson forced the Excalibur crew to do as he desired. Similarly, Mr. Eilerson has been under pressure from IPX to present more new patents.Dr. Chambers, after using a 24-hour viral screen, sent Gideon, Dureena, and herself to the surface of Theta 49. There, they were met by Tim, the lieutenant leader of the possibly infected folk who regarded them with suspicion. Robert Black, the designated spokesman of the people, arrived and agreed to be tested for the Drakh Plague with the stipulation that only he would be tested.Dureena went exploring on her own. But what she found and didn't report remains a secret that is only beginning to take shape.

Episode Title: Patterns of the Soul
Airs: 1999-07-7 at 10:00 pm

  • space

  • plague

  • dragon

  • quest

  • spacecraft

  • futuristic

  • alien technology

  • telepathy

  • 23rd century

  • post apocalypse

  • space opera

  • alien

  • sequel