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Drama . Reality-TV . Music . Comedy

Stephen will be getting the inside scoop from our judges, asking them all the questions no one else dares to. We see what happens when Simon leaves Stephen in charge of the judge room and when we carry out Staff Appraisals on the panel. As well as all that our judges set Stephen the task of finding the next big animal act and we find out what happens when we release David, Amanda and Alesha calendars.

Episode Title: Episode 4
Airs: 2016-04-30 at 21:15

  • singing

  • talent audition

  • red telephone

  • pretend telephone call

  • running gag

  • catchphrase

  • british

  • talking to the camera

  • aspiring dancer

  • aspiring comedian

  • aspiring singer

  • talent judge

  • voting

  • audition

  • live audience

  • live performance

  • 2010s

  • 2000s

  • apostrophe in title

  • country name in title

  • four word title

  • british humor

  • talent show

  • light entertainment

  • variety

  • non fiction

  • title spoken by character