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The Shield - (S04E07)


Vic distracts Russian mobster Alex Kozodav and his henchmen while Ronnie retrieves a surveillance disk from Kozodav's car. The disk reveals that Kozodav is planning an insurance scam involving burning down an apartment building with over fifty occupants. Just when Monica and Vic feel they have enough evidence to bring Kozodav in, the case is handed over to the Organized Crime Unit. The Assistant Chief defends the decision by showing Monica a videotape, given to him by David Aceveda, that captures Vic and the church bust in an unflattering light. The video is sure to be a PR nightmare for the department, and Assistant Chief Philips doesn't want the Kozodav case to suffer as a result.

Episode Title: Hurts
Airs: 2005-04-26 at 10:00 pm