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The Shield - (S03E10)


While trailing Juan and Ricky, the two guys who assaulted him, Aceveda finds himself in a near fatal confrontation during an attempted liquor store robbery. Determined to bring down his rapist at any cost, Aceveda enlists the help of Vic and his guys to find him, dead or alive. Along the way, Aceveda recovers the cell phone that was used to photograph the rape. He also manages to shoot and kill the only other witness to the assault, Ricky. Meanwhile, Claudette rejoins Dutch on the search for the cuddler rapist as they get a stunning break on the case. When Mara reveals what a bloodsucking grifter her mother can be, Shane decides to confess to Vic and the team that Mara stole the money train cash to help her crazy mom. The Strike Team is forced to set up an unsuspecting ex-con by dropping a bag full of marked money in his path.

Episode Title: What Power Is...
Airs: 2004-05-11 at 10:00 pm