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The Shield - (S03E09)


When Danny and Julien find a young, black graffiti artist lynched at a youth center, David limits the investigation to only Dutch and Claudette. It's not until a Latino priest is killed in connection with the same murder that David calls in both the Strike Team and the Decoy Squad, causing David's superiors to accuse him of racial prioritizing. Vic and his boys are happy to help with the case because it finally gets them back on the streets. Meanwhile, Vic discovers that Corrine's been assaulted by a junkie and when he comes to help, he finds himself face to face with Owen, Matthew's therapist, who has become Corrine's boyfriend and his son's new father figure. Shane also gets dealt a familial blow when the missing money train cash is linked to Mara and her mother. Back on the case, Vic and his team use their brand of "aggressive policing" to solve the murders, discovering the grim truth that rocks Claudette and the community. Danny and Julien wrap up their case when they discover the same perp who robbed and beat up a Hassidic man and his son is the same guy who assaulted Corrine at the hospital.

Episode Title: Slipknot
Airs: 2004-05-4 at 10:00 pm