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The Shield - (S03E06)


When Tommy's ex-wife and son are brutally murdered and he is taken in for questioning by another district's detective, everyone at the Barn is outraged. With Julien and Danny's help, Vic takes matters into his own hands to prove Tommy's innocence. While Julien embraces Vic's strong-arm tactics, Danny isn't as comfortable going against the book. Honoring her agreement she made with Aceveda that got her job back, she informs David that Julien and the Strike Team have posse'd up to track down the killer. But during their hunt, Vic and Julien discover an ugly truth that puts Tommy's innocence into question. Meanwhile, David decides to hold a press conference regarding the Cuddler rapist and passes the baton to Dutch. But Dutch can't help himself, and says just a little too much, further inciting the violent offender. When Shane discovers that Aceveda has a list of all the marked bills from the money train heist, Vic and the Strike Team spin a plan to steal it from David's office.

Episode Title: Posse Up
Airs: 2004-04-13 at 10:00 pm