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The Shield - (S02E03)


Since Vic's still raw over Tio's death, the gruesome beating of Armadillo, and the fact that Claudette won't lay off of his connection to Tio, he decides to take the day off and leave his Strike Team in David's care. While they're off busting male hookers working outside David's campaign headquarters, Vic and his old partner, Joe, check in on an old enemy – Fleetwood. Joe still holds a grudge against the man that had him kicked off the force. Now it's time for payback. He knows Fleetwood's still scheming, so he gets Vic to back him up on a bust that ends up going horribly awry. Meanwhile, Danny discovers that Julien didn't back up her version of the shooting at the Al-Thanis' and now may be pulling desk duty for the rest of her career unless things are cleared up. In the midst of all this chaos, a young man enters the barn with a severed arm and drops it on Dutch's desk. Once he discovers that the arm belongs to a woman who's still alive, he and Claudette find themselves running against the clock to find her before she dies.

Episode Title: Partners
Airs: 2003-01-21 at 10:00 pm