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The Shield - (S02E02)


As Vic gets closer to finding his family, he and his boys focus their attention on Armadillo and his continued gang building. Unfortunately when Vic gets too close, Armadillo burns down one of Tio's distribution centers. Although Tio escapes the blaze without a scratch, a safe is discovered that holds Tio's ledgers which include his payouts to Vic. Now Vic must get the ledger and the guy who smoked Tio's apartment before Claudette puts the pieces together and discovers that Tio is not only Vic's CI but his drug connection. Although Claudette never puts two and two together, Armadillo does and Tio ends up necklaced. When Vic finds Tio, he takes his revenge out on Armadillo. When Lanie, the Barn's new Civilian Auditor, asks to follow Vic around for the day, David immediately steps in and suggests it might be better if she follow Dutch to the shooting of a city official. But when they discover that the city official is actually a meter maid, Lanie is less than pleased. Although she and Dutch continue their investigation into who killed her, she makes her less than pleasant feelings known to David. Meanwhile Julien and Danny must appease two neighbors who aren't getting along. Unfortunately things escalate to an uncontrollable situation and Danny is forced to shoot an Arab American.

Episode Title: Dead Soldiers
Airs: 2003-01-14 at 10:00 pm