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Animals in Love - (S01E02)


Liz Bonnin explores the complex and diverse relationships that animals have and asks whether animals love. In episode 2, Liz sets out to uncover the weird and wonderful ways that different species go about getting together. The first step in finding a partner is catching their eye. Liz starts by learning about a form of extreme flirting that has only ever been observed in one troop of capuchin monkeys in South America. Out in Africa, in the dead of night, Liz learns just how tough it is for male hyenas to get a girl. In America Liz meets up with some creatures who have over 15 million years of dating experience and who rely one of the oldest love songs on the planet get a mate. For some smell is a deal breaker but for others it is all about having the best moves on the dance floor. In the UK Liz hears about some real disco divas, who are unique in using the flamingo equivalent to make-up to stand out from the crowd.

Episode Title: Episode 2
Airs: 2015-02-8 at 06:00 pm