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Silvia Colloca continues to explore the culinary traditions of Central Italy. Her first stop is an old farmhouse that epitomises rural cuisine. It’s here that Silvia explores the magic of country-style cooking and gets a lesson in how to prepare coniglio in porchetta (stuffed rabbit). Silva’s travels then take her on to Abruzzo, where she sources some of Italy’s finest extra virgin olive oil, and celebrates its versatility by turning it into torta all'olio e albicocche (apricot and olive oil cake). Molise is the next destination where Silvia visits an Agriturismo (rural restaurant) and enjoys the delights of cucina povera (peasant-style cooking). Here, this cost-effective, rustic cuisine is typified by the preparation of stuffed baked polenta. After a trip to the vibrant fresh food markets of Isernia, Silvia returns to her family home and, with the help of her sister, demonstrates how to make foolproof potato gnocchi with zucchini and pecorino sauce.

Episode Title: Episode 02
Airs: 2014-12-4 at 08:00 pm