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Sunnyside - (S01E08)


Welcome to "Sunnyside", the not-so-typical neighbourhood where anything can happen, and almost always does.From hipsters and yoga moms to meth addicts and romantic crooks, Sunnyside is a quirky neighbourhood in transition, where residents aren't always what they seem and surprises lurk around every slightly dingy corner. Book clubs and coffee shops are just steps away from speakeasies and an underground baby-fighting ring. Plus, this odd little world has just a touch of magic in it, including an occult store that can alter reality, a superhero shopping cart that comes to the rescue, and a mysterious manhole that can answer residents' burning questions.Life might have a dark side, but we never lose sight of the Sunnyside.Sunnyside is a sketch-comedy series created by award winners Gary Pearson and Dan Redican and stars top Canadian comedic talent, including Kathleen Phillips and Pat Thornton.

Episode Title: Episode 9
Airs: 2015-10-11 at 08:00 PM