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24 Hours in A and E - (S11E10)


Seventy-one-year-old Tony is rushed to St George's by air ambulance after falling head first onto a tiled floor while doing some DIY in his kitchen. He was talking when the ambulance crew arrived, but soon became unresponsive. Scans reveal that Tony has a severe bleed on his brain and requires immediate life-saving surgery. While his family wait on tenterhooks for news, Tony's wife Sue talks about the challenges of life with her husband, who worked on helicopters for the RAF around the world. Charlie, who's 23, has come to A&E with facial injuries after being assaulted on his way home from a night out. Doctors suspect he may have a broken jaw and send him for X-rays.

Episode Title: Episode 10
Airs: 2016-07-20 at 21:00