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Shaka Zulu - (S01E10)

Biography . Action . Drama

As a long-ago foretold prophecy comes to pass with the scuttling of a proposal to negotiate a peaceful alliance between the Zulus and Great Britain and the death of the Zulu Queen Mother Nandi, Shaka, knowing his own fate was sealed, goes into a self-destructive rampage. Farewell returns to Zululand and meets with Shaka, who abandons his reign of terror. Shaka's empire falls apart and his kingdom enters its final demise.

Episode Title: Part 10
Airs: -- at 10:00 pm

  • camp

  • spear throwing

  • tent

  • shield

  • 1910s

  • african

  • bare chested male

  • ndwandwe zulu war

  • epic

  • rise and fall

  • zulu

  • character name in title

  • 1700s

  • south africa

  • africa

  • impalement

  • tv mini-series

  • war violence

  • warrior

  • combat

  • battle

  • spear

  • battlefield

  • chief

  • tribe

  • aboriginal