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Phineas and Ferb - (S01E10)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy . Family . Comedy . Animation . Music . Action

When Doofinshmirtz unleashes his army of termites to eat all the wood in the tri-state area, Phineas and Ferb use their newfounded love of a cowboy life to herd the stampeding cattle back to the carnival, but with Agent P stuck in a room filling with lava, how will he survive?

Episode Title: The Magnificent Few
Airs: 2008-02-8 at 08:30 pm

  • secret agent

  • kids

  • blended family

  • brother sister relationship

  • sibling rivalry

  • family relationships

  • anthropomorphic animal

  • stepbrother stepbrother relationship

  • invention

  • platypus

  • engineering

  • science

  • three word title

  • anthropomorphism

  • friend

  • secret lair

  • robot

  • mother daughter relationship

  • mad scientist

  • character name in title

  • girl scout