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Allo Allo - (S02E06)

War . Comedy

After René ran away from the duel with Monsieur Alphonse, he hides. He´s rescued by Michelle from the Résistance who smuggles him back into the café dressed as a member of the Résistance, while she explains to Monsieur Alphonse that René is the bravest man in France. But Herr Flick has captured the Colonel and the Captain, and brings in René as well, and torture them unless they reveal where the painting of "The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies" is hidden. They are rescued by General von Klinkerhoffen. With life back to normal, there´s only a matter of getting the British airmen out. As the General imposes a curfew, Michelle's plan is a funeral for Madame Fanny.

Episode Title: Herr Flick's Revenge
Airs: 1985-11-25 at

  • black lace panties

  • black lace stockings

  • knickers

  • lifting up dress

  • sexual innuendo

  • naive woman

  • catch phrase

  • breaking the fourth wall

  • twin brother

  • onion

  • execution

  • undertaker

  • singing

  • sausage

  • plot to kill hitler

  • limp

  • forger

  • escape

  • disguise

  • cafe owner

  • adultery

  • title spoken by character

  • cigarette holder

  • englishman in france

  • colonel

  • german soldier

  • painting

  • captain

  • cafe

  • funny nazi

  • nazi germany

  • mother in law

  • cult tv

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  • world war two

  • farce

  • gestapo

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  • german army

  • french resistance

  • period sitcom

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  • 1940s

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  • world war ii

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