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Touched by an Angel - (S01E02)

Drama . Sci-Fi & Fantasy . Fantasy . Family

Monica is assigned to Earl Rowley, a crusty baseball coach. Bitter because his Vietnam War injury prevented him from pursuing a major league career, he pushes his high school players hard, especially Peter Enloe, the star player whose own father died. Earl is less than thrilled to have a female assistant coach but is told that Monica was the only substitute teacher who had a strong credentials in both history and baseball. Tess, in the meantime, accepts a position working in a sports bar run by Peter's mother, Laura. A few days before a crucial game, Earl appoints the young man team captain and tells him a college scout will be watching the game tp see if Peter is worthy of a baseball scholarship. However, the coach also expects Peter to lead the team with his authoritarian leadership style. Prompted by Monica's history lesson that sometimes a person must stand up to a bully, the teamcaptain takes a stand against Earl, which results ini a fistfight and Peter's suspension from the

Episode Title: Show Me the Way Home
Airs: 1994-09-28 at
  • Ken Tucker

    This series is relying on sugary spiritualism to draw viewers, but it benefits most from [Roma] Downey's vinegary earthiness.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review

  • revelation

  • truth

  • hope

  • message

  • guidance

  • reference to god

  • good deed

  • angel

  • philosophy

  • friend

  • inspirational

  • spirituality

  • encouragement

  • friendship

  • employer employee relationship

  • faith

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