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The Great Fire - (S01E02)

History . Drama

As the fire begins to gain strength, Thomas breaks his way into sister-in-law Sarah Farriner’s lodgings to wake the family and lead them to safety. Sarah is nowhere to be seen though. Thomas leads the rest of the family through the crowds to the Thames. before they make their way north towards Moorfields. Sarah is being held in a private cell at Newgate Prison while Denton quizzes the Duke of Hanford’s Footman.

Episode Title: Episode 2
Airs: -- at 09:00 pm

  • london

  • tv mini-series

  • historical

  • historical drama

  • london fire

  • 17th century

  • burning

  • disaster

  • england

  • fire

  • costume drama

  • period piece

  • based on real events

  • baker

  • king charles ii

  • flames

  • destruction

  • london england

  • 1660s

  • year 1666

  • tv mini-series