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Soap . Drama

Joey sneaks out of the house to attend a party down the street after he gets lured way by Quan. When he arrives home, he finds a furious Natalie waiting for him with the news that Burger Fast was burglarized after his shift. Eddie shows up at the police dispatch center while Esperanza is working, and coerces her supervisor into cutting her from the night shift. Meanwhile, Randal is still rejecting his wife's advances, and her doubts concerning his fidelity grow. Brad gets involved in the couple's marital problems when he sees Marcie drinking wine outside alone, and offers to speak to Randal about it. Finally, Marcie witnesses a text exchange between Randal and "Peppa" on the computer that confirms her worst fears: Randal is cheating.

Episode Title: Peppa
Airs: -- at 09:00 pm