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Soap . Drama

Randal continues to put off Marcie when she seeks to understand his distant behavior. To make matters worse, she finds another woman's perfume on one of his shirts. Marcie asks Alex about the perfume, which Marcie recognizes as a gift she gave Alex. Although Alex convinces her friend that there is a simple, innocent explanation to her query and puts Marcie's mind temporarily at ease, the conversation unnerves her. Later, Alex receives more unsettling news, this time about her pregnancy. Up the street, Travis further aggravates Kelly by showing up at her house—with his new fiancée. Elsewhere, Eddie is lured into a meeting with Julius' father, Julius Escada Sr., the kingpin of a Colombian cartel that has business in Maxine. The mob boss tells both men to stand down before a major feud ensues. Finally, Joey manages to keep his drug-dealing friend Quan at arm's length, but he makes a major mistake at his new job.

Episode Title: 14 Weeks
Airs: -- at 09:00 pm