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Love Prison - (S01E05)


Tiffany-Nicole is a highly ambitious model and actress who splits her time between New York and LA. She and Kenneth met on line six months ago and made an instant love connection! But he's living in Ohio, working various jobs, and they've never been able to meet face-to-face. Now they have decided to meet in the Love Prison, where they will spend a week together in isolation to find out if their connection is real and worth Kenneth relocating. Will Kenneth decide he is ready to leave Ohio in order to be with Tiffany-Nicole or will they leave the island broken?

Episode Title: Tiffany & Kenneth
Airs: 2014-09-27 at urday
  • Ray Rahman

    Being the third wheel on a date is always awkward, but when it's as boring as this first episode, it's simply unbearable. [12 Sep 2014, p.62]

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • Allison Keene

    Love Prison is prevented from being an island vacation because of the rule that couples can only spend one hour outside each day. Without anything else in the house besides food and drinks, it makes for a long and difficult week; it's even more difficult, though, to find a reason to watch it.

    The Hollywood Reporter Full Review