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Trailer Park Boys - (S01E04)

Drama . Crime . Comedy

Meet Mrs. Peterson, Julian's surrogate grandmother who lives in the trailer across the street with her dog, Sparky. She needs to go into the hospital for surgery and asks Julian to look after the pooch, a responsibility he gladly accepts. Unfortunately Julian has some stuff to do, so he pays Ricky to watch the dog even though he already has a full schedule: babysitting Trinity and baking weed brownies in Ray's trailer. Things take a turn for the worse when Trinity gets hold of Ricky's gun and accidentally shoots him in the ass. In the midst of all the commotion, little Sparky dives into a fresh batch of brownies. Julian races back to the park just in time to get Sparky and Ricky to the vet. But vet services don't come cheap and Ricky and Julian have to pay their tab by reclaiming a tractor for the vet. A shootout ensues, and Ricky gets shot for the second time that day. Unfortunately, one of the documentary crew sustains a near-fatal wound in the scuffle.

Episode Title: Mrs. Peterson's Dog Gets Fucked Up
Airs: 2001-05-13 at 12:00 am

  • based on short film

  • made for cable tv

  • mockumentary

  • driving car without door

  • fake documentary

  • nova scotia

  • community

  • neighborhood

  • group of friends

  • criminal gang

  • poverty

  • mocumentary

  • sitcom

  • marijuana

  • black comedy

  • white trash

  • trailer park

  • megalomaniac

  • drug dealer

  • breaking the fourth wall

  • actor shares first name with character

  • drugs

  • trailer home

  • sleeping in a car

  • bleeped dialogue

  • pixilated nudity

  • rapper

  • trailer trash

  • poor white trash

  • precocious child

  • grow op