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Our Zoo - (S01E05)


After the embarrassment Lady Katherine suffered at the benefit, she remains in hiding while the Mottersheads digest the news that their planning permission has been denied. With no money coming in and little chance of opening the zoo, George and Lizzie take the heartbreaking decision to sell one of the bears. But when George learns that Lady Katherine's nephew is the assistant to the deputy minister of health, who approves planning permission appeals, he pleads with Katherine for help. Although her family have turned their backs on her, Katherine realises this is the Mottersheads' only hope and relents. Mew takes the bold move to find a job outside of the zoo and begs a nervous Archie to teach her to type. June attempts to convince the residents of Upton that the zoo isn't as bad as they fear by offering free camel rides in the village - with disastrous consequences - and Lucy detects that Eve the bear is pregnant. Will George get back in time for the birth of the bear cubs and, most importantly, can he convince Sir Arthur to grant them an appeal?

Episode Title: Monkey Business
Airs: 2014-10-1 at 09:00 pm