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Sapphire and Steel - (S03E05)

Thriller . Sci-Fi . Mystery . Drama

Sapphire and Steel subdue the changeling and find where the time source is hiding in the wall. Without their technician, however, they have no way to deconstruct the wall and defeat the creature hidden inside. Steel's decision to resort to drastic measures pays off when the couple reappear in the capsule and the changeling becomes an infant again. But the creature inside the wall still thrives and presents a larger threat than anyone could have imagined.

Episode Title: Adventure Five - Part 5: Dr. McDee Must Die
Airs: 1981-08-25 at

  • time loop

  • photograph

  • surprise ending

  • character name in title

  • cult

  • alternative reality

  • time travel

  • special agent

  • attraction

  • clairvoyant

  • cliffhanger

  • cult tv

  • danger

  • mysterious event

  • romantic tension

  • surrealism

  • telepathy

  • mysticism

  • paranormal phenomena

  • supernatural power

  • ghost