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Sapphire and Steel - (S02E07)

Thriller . Sci-Fi . Mystery . Drama

Sapphire and Steel awake to find they have been shunted forward in time twelve days. In that time, the darkness has gone and so have all the ghosts with it. A frightened Tully tries to convince Sapphire and Steel that he needs to leave the station for personal reasons, but they can guess he wants to leave because he made a deal with the darkness. While Tully's bargain failed, Sapphire reluctantly agrees to make contact with the darkness so that Steel can make his own deal with the enemy.

Episode Title: Adventure Four - Part 1: The Man Without a Face
Airs: 1981-01-27 at

  • time loop

  • photograph

  • surprise ending

  • character name in title

  • cult

  • alternative reality

  • time travel

  • special agent

  • attraction

  • clairvoyant

  • cliffhanger

  • cult tv

  • danger

  • mysterious event

  • romantic tension

  • surrealism

  • telepathy

  • mysticism

  • paranormal phenomena

  • supernatural power

  • ghost