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Emma returns to present tonight's live show. Highlights are shown of the celebrities first few hours living in the house. The celebrities take part in a shootout in the garden. The UK wins the task and gets to raise the Union Jack over the house. Farrah, Scoop and Daniel end up being excluded from the celebratory British party. Natasha and Farrah argue in the garden. James and Tila find out that they will have to share a bed. Bobby Davro and Janice Dickinson enter the house live and battle it out to try and become head of house. Bobbie wins the task and becomes the house Prime Minister.

Episode Title: CBB16 - Day 1 Highlights
Airs: 2015-08-28 at urday
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  • ganging up

  • isolation

  • lab room

  • log cabin

  • punishment

  • spa

  • charity

  • broken rule

  • camera

  • diary room

  • celebrity has been

  • contestant

  • eviction

  • shopping budget

  • teamwork

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