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Emma Willis presents the last eviction before Friday's final, with two housemates leaving tonight and everybody up for eviction. First we see some highlights from yesterday in the house as the housemates discuss the situation between Lauren and Ricci and what went on the night before. Lauren and Ricci themselves also discuss the situation, as she apologises to him. Everyone tickles one another. The housemates describe their experience in the house in the garden. Edele and Gary end up arguing, reducing Edele to tears. When Gary tries to apologise, Edele leaves the room. When Gary then tries to discuss the situation with George, George leaves the room as well. James and Audley try to explain to Gary why everyone finds him so rude, but he doesn't want to listen. Later Gary apologises to Edele. Emma talks to the house and reveals that two housemates will be leaving together and they are Ricci and Lauren. Lauren and Ricci say their goodbyes and chat to Emma about their time living in the house.

Episode Title: Day 23 - Eviction #6 & #7
Airs: 2014-09-10 at urday
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