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Lauren gets a surprise from Ricci. He brings her breakfast as she is doing her hair, she tells him she will be out in two minutes. In the kitchen, Audley offers to teach James how to make rice. Edele talks to Big Brother and is glad she was saved from eviction. Edele goes on to say she feels as if she’s just arrived at the house and has made her way through her struggles. She goes on to tell Big Brother she feels much more relaxed now. She says she feels much more in the moment since her counselling session with Gary. She notes that she hopes James will change after the public’s reaction to him. The housemates have to work together in a Call Centre for today's task. Throughout their shift, they will have to maintain professionalism as they deal with real complaints from members of the public. All of these complaints are about the housemates. Dee takes one of the first calls from a man called Gerry. Edele takes a call from a fan called Helen who says that she is moping around the house. Edele responds by telling the fan that she will do her best to be much more entertaining. Gary takes the final call from a man called Aaron who tells Gary he “plays the fool” and is “the biggest game player in the house.” He also states that Gary “manipulates” people. Audley takes a call from Salih and he is told by the caller that he is, “arrogant”, “really boring” and “useless”. Dee and Edele discuss what they’re callers were saying about them. Dee expresses that the comments were out of order. Later Lauren, Ricci, James and George begin their shift at the Call Centre. Lauren is first up and she speaks to a woman called Natalie, who says that she takes herself too seriously. Ricci takes his comments to heart after a caller says that he is “dull, boring and just not that great to watch.” He also suggests that he is using Lauren to be able to get a story for when he leaves the house. George takes a call from Andy who says that George walks away from situations and is unkind to Gary. James takes a call from Patricia, she asks why James compares himself to Brad Pitt. In the bedroom, Lauren says that people all deal with Gary in different ways. She admits that she doesn’t agree with how some people talk to him. The complaint Ricci had plays on his mind. He talks to Dee and tells her he is not a fake, and doesn’t care for showmance in the house. To prove both of them are not boring Edele and Audley walk into the pool with all of their clothes on. The pair attempt to encourage Ricci to do the same but he runs away. Big Brother rewards the Housemates with an office party. The Housemates have a food fight and dance to the Conga. Ricci gets a treat when Lauren licks Ribena off his arm. Dee goes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother she’s not bothered by the earlier remarks. Lauren tells Ricci he’s got to man up. James observes that Ricci was caught off guard when his complaint came through from a caller. Lauren tells Ricci that he needs to stand up for himself more. James says that he thinks Lauren is playing a game and questions how she can be drunk on two glasses of wine. However in the Diary Room, Lauren tells Big Brother that she can’t control what is written about her in the media. Dee tells Ricci that whoever he ends up with in the end will be the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. Lauren and Ricci climb into Dee’s bed and Dee goes to make a cup a tea. Dee tells the housemates that the pair are in bed together. Ricci and Lauren cuddle as they sleep in bed together.

Episode Title: Day 20
Airs: 2014-09-7 at urday
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