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Emma returns to present the first live eviction show of the series. Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Janice manages to annoy the other Housemates by eating when she isn’t supposed to. Stevi wears a mankini ready for a swim. The final part of this week’s shopping task sees Gail, Natasha, James and Chloe being invited to a luxury tea party. Farrah and Austin are set a secret mission in which they have to get the Royals to lose their cool by getting them angry. The shopping budget task ends up being passed. The housemates learn who will face eviction from the house. Janice and Austin argue about who should use the bath first. Gail tells Janice and Chloe how frustrated she is about all the arguments. Paul leaves the house and chats to Emma about his time in the house. Emma talks to the house and reveals that the first celebrity to be evicted from the house is Daniel. Daniel says his goodbyes and chats to Emma about his time living in the house.

Episode Title: CBB16 - Day 8 Highlights
Airs: 2015-09-4 at urday
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  • log cabin

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  • spa

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