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Emma returns to present tonight's live show. Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Janice suffers from an allergic reaction to a bee sting and has to receive emergency medical assistance. Tensions increase between Jenna and Natasha over a glass of red wine. Bobby steps down as Prime Minister and welcomes Janice back into the house. Chloe isn’t pleased that Stevie shared a bath with Jenna and Farrah. A a special celebrity guest enters the house to take part in a very special ‘royal’ task.

Episode Title: CBB16 - Day 5 Highlights
Airs: 2015-09-1 at urday
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  • ganging up

  • isolation

  • lab room

  • log cabin

  • punishment

  • spa

  • charity

  • broken rule

  • camera

  • diary room

  • celebrity has been

  • contestant

  • eviction

  • shopping budget

  • teamwork

  • voting

  • housemate

  • housemates

  • celebrity