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Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Jenna, Farrah and Janice talk about Austin and James. Austin manages to offend Farrah. Austin talks to Big Brother about his friendship with James. An argument breaks out in the house. Jenna offers James some advise. Austin and Farrah bury the hatchet. Stevie is in the hot tub with James, Austin, Farrah and Jenna and is wearing Chloe’s bikini bottoms. Natasha asks Chloe if she is bothered by Stevie being in the hot tub with the girls. Another argument breaks out in the house.

Episode Title: CBB16 - Day 4 Highlights
Airs: 2015-08-31 at urday
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  • ganging up

  • isolation

  • lab room

  • log cabin

  • punishment

  • spa

  • charity

  • broken rule

  • camera

  • diary room

  • celebrity has been

  • contestant

  • eviction

  • shopping budget

  • teamwork

  • voting

  • housemate

  • housemates

  • celebrity