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Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Farrah and James apologise to each other. Janice talks to Big Brother about her role in the house. Farrah tells Jenna, James and Austin she feels like she is on the beach as she can hear the seagulls. Jenna and James talk about Janice in the bathroom. Gail, Jenna and Farrah get to know each other in the sofa area. Dizzy Dash task takes place and the housemates are spun around whilst listening to facts about each other and they must guess who it is about after racing over a finish line once the spinning stops. Janice annoys Jenna. Chloe is feeling frustrated. Farrah and Jenna talk about how uncomfortable they feel around Chloe and Stevie. Jenna talks to Big Brother about her earlier row with Janice. Chloe and Stevie talk about how they got together in the garden.

Episode Title: CBB16 - Day 3 Highlights
Airs: 2015-08-30 at urday
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  • ganging up

  • isolation

  • lab room

  • log cabin

  • punishment

  • spa

  • charity

  • broken rule

  • camera

  • diary room

  • celebrity has been

  • contestant

  • eviction

  • shopping budget

  • teamwork

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