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Adventure . Action . Drama . Comedy

Wayne and the kids settles down to watch tv during a big storm in town. He had invented a remote control that will bring any tv shows you could ever watch from the past to now. (sounds awesome, doesn't it?) Well, somehow they get sucked into the tv. Nick goes through a few shows destined for destruction in each of them. Wayne and Amy goes looks for Nick before time runs out. They finally all land in an animated show. Diane and the Chief come home and finds them in the tv. Can they pull Wayne and the kids out?

Episode Title: Honey, We're on TV
Airs: 1999-10-16 at urday

  • miniaturization

  • shrinking

  • family relationships

  • nerd

  • spin off

  • spin off from film

  • smart house

  • comma in title

  • colon in title

  • based on cult favorite

  • cult favorite

  • young teens

  • based on film

  • family

  • scientist

  • colorado

  • children

  • inventor