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Adventure . Action . Drama . Comedy

Diane's sister, Elaine, is in town. Wayne doesn't like her. So he and Amy tried to lock up the house to make Elaine think they aren't home but Diane came down and let her in. So Wayne tries to invent something so he could understand her. As usual Wayne's creation went wrong and Elaine's personality got into Wayne's Brain. Now the family must work together to get everything back to normal until they found out that the Elaine's help is evil. She took control of Elaine's body. Now the family must stop her.

Episode Title: Honey, It Takes Two to Mambo
Airs: 1999-10-9 at urday

  • miniaturization

  • shrinking

  • family relationships

  • nerd

  • spin off

  • spin off from film

  • smart house

  • comma in title

  • colon in title

  • based on cult favorite

  • cult favorite

  • young teens

  • based on film

  • family

  • scientist

  • colorado

  • children

  • inventor