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Red Shoe Diaries - (S01E03)

Romance . Drama

A woman cop arrests an attractive man.

Episode Title: You Have the Right to Remain Silent
Airs: 1992-07-14 at urday
  • Ken Tucker

    Diaries is Penthouse magazine crossed with a J. Crew catalog. ... For sheer sustained kookiness, Diaries is more entertaining than most sexy TV shows, but its insidious, numbing dumbness seems to demand some sort of protection — a new product, perhaps: a brain condom.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review

  • diary

  • death

  • color in title

  • topless woman

  • softcore

  • sex

  • erotica

  • personals column

  • anthology

  • female full frontal nudity

  • female nudity

  • female perspective

  • male nudity