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Jack and Bobby - (S01E15)


Grace and Tom's relationship is exposed when a collegue catches them kissing in Grace's office. Jack and Katie continue to get closer. Bobby and Warren have a sleepover in an attempt to become popular at school. But when a severe snow storm hits Hart, Tom, Warren, Bobby, and the other boys at the sleepover are snowed in, and across town, Jack, Courtney, Missy and Katie are also trapped together. There, the foursome plays truth or dare, and Jack winds up kissing Courtney on a dare. Grace is trapped in Peter's office, and Peter asks Grace for advice about Courtney and Nate's relationship.

Episode Title: Time Out of Life
Airs: 2005-02-16 at 09:00 pm

  • scar

  • bed

  • fight

  • picnic

  • brother brother relationship

  • party

  • drinking

  • family estate

  • cowboy hat

  • wine

  • burp

  • wine tasting

  • flirting

  • barbecue

  • giving a toast

  • sibling rivalry

  • one night stand

  • poker

  • california