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Jack and Bobby - (S01E14)


Jack walks in on Tom and Grace, leading Jack to tell Grace what he thinks of the relationship. Bobby talks Grace into letting him go on a hunting trip with Peter, but the experience wasn't what Bobby had imagined it to be. Meanwhile, Courtney and Nate take their relationship to the next level, and Jack begins to hang out with Katie while he deals with Courtney and Randy's new relationship.

Episode Title: Into the Woods
Airs: 2005-02-9 at 09:00 pm

  • scar

  • bed

  • fight

  • picnic

  • brother brother relationship

  • party

  • drinking

  • family estate

  • cowboy hat

  • wine

  • burp

  • wine tasting

  • flirting

  • barbecue

  • giving a toast

  • sibling rivalry

  • one night stand

  • poker

  • california