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Jack and Bobby - (S01E13)


Bobby begins to catch on to Grace and Tom's relationship after he goes on a camping trip with Grace and him. Jack and Missy's relationship struggles when Missy begins to focus her attention on Randy instead of Jack. Courtney's relationship with Nate continues to progress. Meanwhile, Jack meets Katie at his doctor's office and an unlikely friendship emerges. Future scenes show how President McCallister backs space travel to Mars.

Episode Title: A New Frontier
Airs: 2005-02-2 at 09:00 pm

  • scar

  • bed

  • fight

  • picnic

  • brother brother relationship

  • party

  • drinking

  • family estate

  • cowboy hat

  • wine

  • burp

  • wine tasting

  • flirting

  • barbecue

  • giving a toast

  • sibling rivalry

  • one night stand

  • poker

  • california