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Backpackers - (S01E01)

Comedy . Adventure

Ryan and Brandon think about what they want to do with their lives as they travel to Europe to look for Ryan's fiancee.

Episode Title: Pilot
Airs: 2014-07-14 at 09:30 pm
  • Myles McNutt

    The transition from web series to half-hour episodes makes for some awkward pacing, as a single episode blasts through three or four different comic setups and lacks the typical thematic structure of episodic television. Nonetheless, Backpackers generates effective momentum through recurring characters and increasingly heightened situations.

    The A.V. Club Full Review
  • Robert Lloyd

    This may be how it is among the backpacking young nowadays; surely, we are meant to see them as passionate, in their individual ways. Yet the whole business feels a little shallow.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Rob Owen

    Backpakers benefits from filming on location in Europe but that can’t make up for the lowest common denominator escapades, which play like an unfunny, made-for-TV “Road Trip.”

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Full Review
  • Diane Werts

    Not worth sitting through for the scenery when you can switch to Travel Channel.

    Newsday Full Review
  • Samantha Highfill

    With no character development and too many plot jumps, Backpackers could use a rest stop.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review