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The landmark town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas has attracted visitors to its legendary mineral springs for more than a century. In 1937 a flamboyant businessman named Norman Baker opened a cancer hospital in the former Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs. But some people began to question whether Baker was doing his patients more harm than good. In Carmel, New York is a bronze statue of a mounted teenage girl named Sybil Ludington. Like the much more famous Paul Revere, Ludington was known to have made a daring ride to warn the local militia of approaching British troops. In the high altitude town of Nederland, Colorado is an unlikely monument - a simple storage shed. In 1994, an eccentric local woman named Aud Morstol set off a firestorm of controversy when local authorities discover the ghastly contents of the shed in back of her house.

Episode Title: Eureka Springs Cancer Hotel, Female Paul Revere, New Orleans Savior
Airs: 2015-8-6 at 09:00 pm