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M A S H - (S02E01)

Comedy . Drama . War

Brought on by Frank and Margaret's negative reports, General Clayton assigns a psychiatrist, Captain Hildebrand, to examine the 4077th M*A*S*H unit, to see if it should be disbanded. Henry tells them to be on their best behavior, or else they will be split up. But the 4077th soon begins to act in their traditional, insane ways: the shrink experiences Max Klinger, watches the hijinks of Hawkeye and Trapper John, and witnesses the trysts of Frank and Hot Lips. While Hildebrand confronts the unit on its behaviour, choppers bearing wounded begin to arrive and everyone heads for the OR. The onslaught of casualties shows the 4077th's true side.

Episode Title: Divided We Stand
Airs: 1973-09-15 at

  • us-army

  • korean war

  • doctor

  • military

  • sitcom

  • military hospital

  • nurse

  • colonel

  • major

  • captain

  • korea

  • mobile army surgical hospital

  • corporal

  • 1950s

  • dramedy

  • laugh track

  • u.s. soldier

  • famous opening theme

  • m a s h

  • based on film

  • anti war

  • adultery

  • friendship

  • drag

  • surgery

  • medical

  • cult tv

  • acronym in title

  • anti authority

  • combat casualty

  • cultural conflict

  • helicopter

  • entire title is capitalized acronym

  • chief medical officer

  • lieutenant

  • physician

  • sergeant

  • loudspeaker announcement

  • loudspeaker

  • asterisk in title

  • punctuation in title

  • section 8

  • uniform

  • u.s. military

  • american soldier

  • military spoof

  • title spoken by character

  • based on novel

  • cross dresser

  • based on adaptation