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Mark Loves Sharon - (S01E01)


Australian sporting superstar Mark Wary reveals all as he invites the cameras into his home to shoot a celebrity reality series that shows the private side of this controversial and very public sporting icon. Figuring "if it's good enough for Ozzy Osbourne, Jessica Simpson, Gene Simmons, Paris Hilton, Hulk Hogan and the Beckhams then it's good enough for me", Wary has taken the plunge and allowed this behind-the-scenes and under-thecovers look at the life he shares with his gorgeous but feisty girlfriend Sharon, his two long term (and live-in) mates Sledge and Tomo and his loyal and long suffering manager Jerry Dabelstein. There's no shortage of tension at Wary's extravagant mansion as Sharon tries to keep Mark's wandering eye in check, Sledge and Tomo riotously live the life of the loyal celebrity entourage, and Jerry tries valiantly to keep the whole Wary gravy train from running off the rails.

Episode Title: Mark Loves Sharon
Airs: 2008-06-30 at 09:30 pm