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Pushing Daisies - (S02E11)

Fantasy . Comedy . Drama . Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Erin Embry, window dresser extraordinaire for Dicker’s department store, is killed and Chuck manages to get the Pie Hole gang on the case. Erin’s fans think it was her window-dressing partner, Coco Juniper, who did the deed. Apparently the two artistic minds did not always meet. Meanwhile, Ned loses his zapping ability which causes him a small crisis of identity. How can he assist in solving cases if he can’t undead and redead? How does it change his relationship with Chuck? And why are Ned and Olive posing as a couple?

Episode Title: Window Dressed to Kill
Airs: 2009-05-30 at urday
  • Doug Elfman

    Pushing Daisies deserves its high praise. It's the best new drama of the fall, finding sweet hope in morbid tragedy.

    Chicago Sun-Times Full Review
  • Mike Duffy

    Pushing Daisies is a delicate, rapturously original little television miracle.

    Detroit Free Press Full Review
  • Glenn Garvin

    Pushing Daisies is by far the best new series of the fall season.

    Miami Herald Full Review
  • David Hinckley

    Pushing Daisies is perfect.

    New York Daily News Full Review
  • Tim Goodman

    It's a gloriously visual fairy tale full of saturated colors and whimsical stories, the kind of romantic comedy/whodunit that should, by rights, captivate a nation starved for quirkiness and delight.

    San Francisco Chronicle Full Review
  • Robert Bianco

    Solid gold from top to bottom, the cast is almost an embarrassment of riches.

    USA Today Full Review
  • Gloria Goodale

    The hour balances its caper-cartoon and ghoulish sensibilities with a crisp pace and well-cast leads.

    Christian Science Monitor Full Review
  • Alan Sepinwall

    It's the best-looking pilot of the season--maybe the best new show, period--even though it may not look that good in the future.

    Newark Star-Ledger Full Review
  • Ellen Gray

    I wouldn't want to miss a word.

    Philadelphia Daily News Full Review
  • Jonathan Storm

    This may be one of the most beautifully crafted and original TV shows ever to get fall consideration on a big network.

    Philadelphia Inquirer Full Review
  • Brian Lowry

    Standing head and shoulders above this fall's other seedlings.

    Variety Full Review
  • Tom Shales

    The lovingly and imaginatively produced pilot has to be the most gorgeous piece of television airing anywhere tonight.

    Washington Post Full Review
  • Matt Roush

    This Technicolored kaleidoscope fable of life, love and perpetual whimsy restores my faith in TV's ability to amuse, enchant and entertain with endless invention and eye-popping style.

    TV Guide Magazine Full Review
  • Troy Patterson

    It's a breath of fresh air even for those of us who find our allergies stimulated by the countless particles of whimsy suspended in its thick atmosphere.

    Slate Full Review
  • Robert Abele

    It's a whimsical, romantically inventive and darkly funny pop-up hour about a man (Lee Pace) whose touch can bring the dead back to life (but also, yikes, vice versa).

    L.A. Weekly Full Review
  • Nancy DeWolf Smith

    As charming as all that is amid the macabre, Pushing Daisies is a show that only a grown-up can fully enjoy.

    Wall Street Journal Full Review
  • Barry Garron

    The series, from creators Bryan Fuller and Barry Sonnenfeld, is a masterful mixture of life, romance, optimism and youthful exuberance, all played out under the threat of instant death.

    The Hollywood Reporter Full Review
  • John Leonard

    Pushing Daisies will drive you crazy or make you smile.

    New York Magazine (Vulture) Full Review
  • Diane Werts

    On top of the stars' subtlety and Fuller's verbal wit, Sonnenfeld's pilot direction ladles layers of flashy frosting--theatrical camera angles, emphatic zooms, intensified color and those heavyhanded moments when the narration can't quite straddle the sap line.

    Newsday Full Review
  • David Zurawik

    At its best--during several moments of exquisite longing between the adult Ned and Chuck--Pushing Daisies feels so right that it almost redeems all the wrongs of such wretched new series as Cavemen or Carpoolers.

    Baltimore Sun Full Review
  • Matthew Gilbert

    Pushing Daisies is good, as well as distinctive.

    Boston Globe Full Review
  • Aaron Barnhart

    It’s definitely not the same-old same-old, for which ABC is to be congratulated.

    Kansas City Star Full Review
  • Robert Lloyd

    It is all very beautiful.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Rob Owen

    Pushing Daisies captivates with an emotionally resonant story and dazzles with its bright visual imagery. Fans of delightfully daft fairy tales, this one's for you.

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Full Review
  • Charlie McCollum

    Daisies is something you shouldn't miss, particularly if you're looking for something different on TV.

    San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times Full Review
  • Melanie McFarland

    All the praise heaped on Pushing Daisies, and every declaration about the dramedy's originality, is merited.

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer Full Review
  • Alessandra Stanley

    The story of Ned (Lee Pace), a young man who can bring the dead back to life, is sweetly odd, but also oddly charming.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • Heather Havrilesky

    With snappy writing, stunning art direction and a great cast, this really is the new show you don't want to miss.

    Salon Full Review
  • Maureen Ryan

    Despite the fine work of Pace and Friel--who convey tenderness despite the director’s efforts to stamp it out--the sheer quantity of forced whimsy and visual razzle-dazzle can be exhausting.

    Chicago Tribune Full Review
  • Linda Stasi

    Pushing Daisies is fanciful and fun, but sometimes pushes the daisies too hard.

    New York Post Full Review

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